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FNF Thames Valley have some mail lists that we use to confirm meeting dates and chat about other issues important to members.

These lists are private to members of the local group.

Easy access to the group mail lists:

ListArchivesChange your subscription optionsAdministrator's pages
chat Click Here Click Here Click Here
help Click Here Click Here Click Here
senate Click Here Click Here Click Here

The help list is where messages from the enquiry form go to, it is not for general use.
The senate list is for those on the group committee.

Our privacy policy, all those subscribed MUST read this.

What is a mail list

It is a forum where conversations happen via email. How we can help & you can help others is much the same as at face to face meetings.

It is an email address to which you can send email as you would any other email address. The email that you send will then be sent to everyone who is on the list.

You do not need a password to send to the list; but you must send from the address that is registered otherwise what you sent will be discarded.

You can change some of your subscription options, you will need to use the password that was sent when you joined and is sent on the 1st of every month. The email list is no longer archived, ie no mail list history.

How to write mail to the chat list

A few simple rules, these all boil down to you taking a little effort to make it easier for those who read your mail to understand what you are talking about. Many people read each email, so if they can save a few seconds each it is well worth you spending an extra minute when you write your mail.