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Privacy Policy - Confidentiality

Summary: What appears on the email list and what is said at in-person or virtual meetings is private.

Thames Valley Committee

The Committee collects personal details. Most of these are kept on paper and generally only used to try to return a call. Email sent and received might be kept in personal email archives. Email addresses are used by the mail list software.

The Committee will not share personal details to people outside the committee without the individual's consent — this includes sharing with FNF Head Office. We may do so if ordered by police or court or believe that a person is at immediate risk of harm.

Use of Email Lists

The main email list that is used is the branch chat list. Please respect people's privacy here just as you would do in a meeting.

If you wish to unsubscribe: follow the link at the foot of all list email. Login and you can change settings, including unsubscribing yourself. Your list password is sent to you every month.

This list is not archived, however copies of emails might be kept in list member's mail boxes.

Please avoid cross posting — sending mail to our lists and to other email addresses. Cross posting risks exposing private information and also gets the list addresses into the hands of spammers.


You are likely to read about intensely personal matters. By choosing to remain on this list you will signify that you will abide by our code of confidentiality - that you agree not to repeat any personal details heard here.

Passing on contact names and addresses

You may well be asked to give someone's email address or 'phone number. The polite reply to this is to ask the enquirer if you can forward their contact details and the other person can contact them if they wish.

If the request is urgent: say that you will say that the request is urgent.

Some people make is clear that they are happy for their details to be given to anyone; however: most people want to control dissemination of their details.
Do not assume that just because someone is vocal at a meeting or on the mail list that they want the world to be able to contact them.
If in doubt: ask.

Your email address

Your email address will be seen by everyone who is subscribed to an email list.

See also What Happens At Meetings.