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FNF is a charity committed to providing free help and support at branch meetings and by way of our telephone helpline.

To fund these activities, and in line with our charitable status, we positively encourage those who we have helped to become members and thereby contribute towards the Charity's future by their subscriptions. We are naturally disappointed when those we have helped choose not to.

FNF is first and foremost a service-giving organisation. Our membership costs less than half the price a solicitor would change for a routine letter. For it you get:

1) Access to internet forums, and self help forums; one of which was commented on by the newest Law Lord as follows:

``having read many of the communications in question, a great deal of very helpful advice and sound wisdom was provided''

2) The helpful information on our website. Much that is useful is on the public area. Even more is in the members' area

3) Copies of our magazine. This meets many needs, but one is providing information of use to members in their own situations

4) The right to use our telephone contacts, talk to trained people on our helpline and to get information leaflets

5) For some, access to someone able to help you directly and personally on your case, even coming with you to court. The demand for this service dramatically exceeds our ability to provide if from your pool of volunteers, but as a member you are more likely to get help. This help, if provided through us, is free apart from the volunteer's costs.

6) Information about our meetings, and the right to come and get help from them with a good conscience.

7) Above all, moral support and an awareness that you are not alone. There are others out there who have gone through the same and who want to see right done for you and your children.

FNF is also a lobbying organisation. You owe it to yourself and your children to struggle to bring about change and to join FNF.

Join on-line here.

Please help the branch in its activities by setting up a standing order in our favour, use this Standing Order Manade