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Protestors on a roof at Buckingham Palace

FNF Thames Valley notes the new protestors on a roof at Buckingham Palace. 29 November 2015.

We well understands the frustrations that these two fathers have been through; many frustrated fathers receive support at FNF branch meetings throughout the country. Many dads are bewildered at how they have been removed from their children's lives generally having done nothing wrong - other than falling out of favour with the children's mother.

When they turn to the courts large numbers of dads find that the courts take what mother says at face value and when, after long delays, these allegations are found to be false or grossly exaggerated the courts then seem to strive to keep mother happy by making orders that are not too far from what she wants and not enforcing the bits that she does not like.

It can take years and tens of thousands of pounds for kids to be able to spend alternate weekends and some holiday time with their dad. Increasing this to another night in the week can sometimes be achieved at even more cost and delay.

In those intervening years the anguish of loss gnaws at their stomach while they repeatedly ask themselves ''what could they have done differently ?''. The true answer is that the decision was never theirs.

We wish the two gentlemen climbers a safe return to ground level and sympathise at their frustration that has led to this protest that the Family Court judiciary will probably look at with both eyes tightly shut.