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AGM FNF Thames Valley Branch - 2017

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 16th October 2017 starting at 9pm. It will be in our usual meeting place: The Bell pub, Waltham St Lawrence.

Below is proposed agenda:

  1. Apologies
  2. Approval of minutes of the previous AGM of 5 November 2016. Please read the draft minutes of the 2016 AGM.
  3. Reports from officers:
    • Chair
    • Treasurer
  4. Election of officers

    The current officers are listed below. All positions are up for re-election.
    Chair - Arthur Vered
    Treasurer - Glyn Wisdom
    Secretary - Alain Williams
    Development of people - Narinder Singh Basra
    Family Law Wiki - Richard Stone

    Alain will not be seeking re-election; members are invited to consider filling this position, in whole or in part. The jobs are:

    • Secretarial. This does not take a lot of effort: writing up AGM minutes, a little bit of talking to FNF head office, that is about it.
    • Branch contact. Ie a name & phone number to go onto the FNF web site & help-line so that people can contact the branch, find out when the next meeting is, etc. Such 'phone calls can be time controlled (eg 'call me after 6pm') and usually take 1/2 hour or so -- try to find out how urgent things are - do they need to be put in touch with a McKenzie quickly, or just turn up at a meeting.
    • Manage the chat email list: add/remove people, deal with spam & other moderation.
    • Fill in branch meeting reports - 5 minute job using a web application that Alain wrote for FNF years ago.
    • Web site: Alain hosts the current one & would be happy to maintain it if told what to change.

    Anyone who wishes to put themselves forward please email the secretary

  5. Any Other Business

Here is the branch constitution